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5 Eco-Friendly Must Haves For Traveling Light

1. Compressible Down Jacket

A lightweight, windproof and packable jacket is a travel essential! I love my black Patagonia jacket - its a lightweight lifesaver! To pack it, I fold the arms length-wise over the front zipper and the roll the jacket into the hood- this packs up so small and weighs almost nothing (13.1 oz). Patagonia is also a well respected company for their high quality products and sustainability commitments - its worth checking them out.

2. Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle

I never travel without a reusable water bottle; water is essential and without one I would need to purchase disposables. The most versatile option I have found is a wide-mouth insulated metal bottle (we own thermoflask and simple modern). I find the wider opening accommodates more drinking options - big ice chunks for a cold drink and easy to pour in a hot drink. Toss it in your bag and enjoy the right temp drink all day.

3. Solid Toiletries (Package Free!)

I avoid carrying a lot of liquid when traveling; there is less chance of leaking and it makes for a faster trip through airport security. I use Jack 59 Shampoo & Conditioner bars at home, but they also make the best zero waste travel companions. One set lasts me about 4.5 months and takes up as much space as a travel sized liquid option.

As for bar soap, I thought I would hate using it, but when you get a good brand, like The Rocky Mountain Soap Company, its easy to become converted. I cut my bar soap down to the size I need for my trip, this saves even more space!

4. Unscented Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner's Unscented Castile Soap is an all-time favorite of mine for home and travel. It's one of the cleanest (toxin free) and most versatile products on the market (I have yet to see any rating site say otherwise). When traveling I use it to; wash my face/ hands/ body, wash my baby in the bath, remove makeup, hand-wash (or machine wash) laundry and hand-wash dishes (contacts case, water bottle etc.). Its biodegradable, fair trade, leaping bunny certified, sustainably sourced and safe for camping too!

5. Recycled Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make your clothing more organized and accessible. I find they save me space in the suitcase rather than take up any extra. You can find cubes that are made from recycled materials (here) or look to purchase second hand. I've packed every suitcase with packing cubes since first I got them in 2014.

Its vital to be prepared when traveling and with these lightweight essentials I feel far more confident jumping on a plane.

#notanad None of the products listed here are sponsored in anyway, however a few of the links (amazon) are affiliate, meaning I may receive a small commission if purchased.

What are some of your top travel essentials?

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