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How To Create A Simple & Functional Spice Drawer

After nearly 9 years of marriage I can proudly say that we have all our spices organized in a truly functional and practical way (its about time!). Until now, our spices were stored in different pouches or containers and it was truly a mess. I even discovered that I'd bought duplicates.

Once I decided that I would prefer my spices in a drawer, I set out to utilize our drawer's vertical space and found these fantastic 8oz jars that could fit standing upright in the drawer, hold a reasonable amount and fit large measuring spoon through the neck!

Here are the steps I took & some tips I learned along the way:

1. I measured my drawer to find the maximum height clearance. My drawer clearance was 3.5" (the picture below is deceiving). Thankfully I found ones 3.22" tall. Be sure to confirm the height of your jars with the lids on!

2. I reviewed all my spices to see what the average quantity was and determine what size of jars would be needed. Most of my spices came in small pouches holding less than 8oz. I decluttered & composted spices blends I never reached for at this time as well.

In the future I plan to purchase most of my spices in the bulk section of Sprouts grocery store, so I can buy the ideal amount (this keeps your spice inventory fresh!).

3. I ordered the jars and one piece lids (link here for US & Canada) I washed & dried the jars in the dishwasher. Please don't skip this step - you do not want to contaminate your spices!

4. Next I began transferring the spices to the new jars. It is important to label the jars as you go so you don't forget which spices are in which jars (you can also label best before dates). I used an embossing label maker (the black tape adheres much better than traditional label maker paper) but scotch tape and scrap paper work fine as a temporary solution!

Months ago I ordered an old school label maker from the '80s off of ebay, but if you want to find a cheap solution try this popular one out for $9 (Link to buy in USA, Link to buy in Canada) - be warned, it has very mixed reviews!

5. Finally, wipe out your drawer or cupboard and line the jars up alphabetically! I love that can easily order more jars or change labels as needed in the future.

Tip: place a small cardboard box at the back of the drawer to prevent jars from shifting in the drawer when it closes.

I hope this inspires you to tackle disorganized spices and take back control of your the space in your kitchen! If your spices are organized, let me know what system works for you!

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